WATERSHED RDA GROUP REMAINS CLOSED  due to the corona virus outbreak

We have been carefully evaluating the particular considerations and the essential safety protocols which will need to be in place before we can re-open.  Depending on Government guidelines in the next couple of months, we may be able to open again in some capacity for the September term.  Our Trustees have sent out a letter of explanation to our participants, and this can be seen on our ‘News’ page.

Welcome to Watershed RDA

Watershed Riding for the Disabled in Coates, Near Cirencester has been offering riding therapy since 1993, and is a thriving and successful group of the National RDA.

Riding and interaction with horses is known to provide profound benefits for people of all ages, particularly for those whose lives may be limited or challenged through disability.

Our stables and riding arena are a safe, professional and friendly environment where we provide special opportunities with our ponies for personal achievement, development of confidence and physical therapy.

Watershed RDA have no paid staff, so we rely on our large contingent of willing volunteers. Volunteering in itself is known to provide many benefits to individuals, such as additional social contact, increased self worth and a sense of belonging.

Those who are involved with Watershed RDA often say that it feels like being part of a family, and that makes us feel very proud!

To mark the 50th anniversary of RDA, we were visited in the summer of 2019  by a film crew and journalists from Country Living magazine. They produced a wonderful article about us at Watershed RDA and also a very moving 5 minute film. To see these yourself, click this link: 



Our charity number is 1164924

Thank you very much for your support.